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MSL League: Al-Fayha compete with Al-Hazem for the lead ... and 3 victories with a goal in the first day of the sixth round

Today, Tuesday, November 24, 2020, the matches of the sixth round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for First Division began with 6 matches, the first of which was between Al-Shoulla and its guest Al-Thuqbah, and ended in a goalless draw, so that the hosts raised their balance to 5 points. In the 15th place, 3 points ahead of Al-Thuqbah, which is in the 16th place.

At Al Majmaah Sports City Stadium, Al-Fayha defeated its guest Al-Jabalain with the goals of its players Ibrahim Morshed Al-Harbi in the 70th minute and Talal Muhammad Majrashi in the 82nd minute, to raise its score to 15 points, to occupy second place in the table, on the goal difference behind Al-Hazem, who faces Al-Nahda tomorrow Wednesday, while the balance of Al-Jabalain stopped at 13 points in fourth place.

The third match witnessed a draw between Ohod and its guests Al-Tai, with a score of 1-1, at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Stadium, where the guests opened the scoring in the 12th minute through Muhammad Tayybeh, before Muhammad Fuad Al-Thani equaled the score for the host team in the 71st minute, so that Ohod raised its score to 9 points in the eighth place, while Al-Tai won its first point, taking the 18th place.

Al-Diriyah achieved a difficult victory over its host Al-Khaleej, at Al-Khaleej Stadium, with the goal of Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Oweishi in the 11th minute, to raise his team's score to 11 points in sixth place, compared to 7 points for the hosts occupying the 13th place.

With the same result, Hajer defeated its guest Al-Jeel, at Al-Fateh Club, with the goal of Lutfi Al-Haymer Al-Rashidi in the 70th minute, to raise its score to 11 points in fifth place, while the balance of the host team stopped at 8 points in 11th place.

The matches of the first day of the sixth round were concluded with the match in which Al-Sahel achieved a difficult victory over its guest Al-Nojoom 1-0, at Al-Safa Club, where Patrick Carvalho scored the only goal in the 44th minute, to raise his team's score to 10 points in seventh place, while Al-Nojoom remained In 19th place, with a single point.

The matches of the second day of the round, Wednesday 25 November, witness 4 strong matches, the first of which between Al-Adalah and Al-Kawkab at Al-Shoulla Club Stadium, at 3:05 pm, 10 minutes before the match between Arar and Najran.

At the same time, Jeddah will be a guest to Al-Bukayriyah at Al-Bukayriyah Club Stadium, before the matches of the round are concluded at 5:25 pm, as Al-Hazem comes to Al-Nahda, at Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Stadium.