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The 6th round of MSL League: Al-Shoulla and Al-Thuqbah in the opening.. Al-Hazem wants to continue victories in the conclusion

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 24, the sixth round of Prince Mohammed bin Salman League for First Division will kick off with 6 matches, the first of which will be between Al-Shoulla, 15th-placed with 4 points, and Al-Thuqbah, which ranks 17th with a point, at Al-Shoulla Club Stadium, in 3:05 pm.

After 5 minutes, Al-Fayhaa, fourth-placed with 12 points, will host Al-Jabalain, which is one point ahead of it in second place, at Al Majmaah Sports City Stadium, before Al-Tai, which is in the 20th place without any points, is a guest to Ohod, the tenth with 8 points, at Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Stadium, at 3:30 pm.

At 5:25 pm, the matches of the first day will be concluded, where the eighth-placed with 8 points Al-Jeel, hosts Hajer, which ranks fifth with the same points, at Al-Fateh Club stadium, while Prince Muhammad bin Fahd Stadium hosts the match between 12th-placed With 7 points Al-Sahel, with its guest Al-Nojoom, which finished 18th with one point.

The matches of the second day of the round, Wednesday 25 November, witness 4 strong matches, the first of which between Al-Adalah, the third-placed with 13 points, and Al-Kawkab, the ninth-placed with 8 points, at Al-Shoulla Club Stadium, at 3:05 pm, 10 minutes before the match between Arar, which is in the 19th place without any points, and Najran, which is ranked seventh, with 8 points.

At the same time, Jeddah, 14th-placed, with 5 points, will be a guest to Al-Bukayriyah, 16th-placed, with two points, at Al-Bukayriyah Club Stadium, before the matches of the round are concluded at 5:25 pm, as Al-Hazem seeks to complete his series of victories, as it is the leader of the ranking with 15 points, when it comes to Al-Nahda, 11th-placed with 7 points, at Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Stadium.